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Our Story

4D Integration was founded in 2006 by three local Zimbabweans who met whilst working on the Intellectual Property and Brand Management of blue chip local brands that went on to become African giants. We noticed that a lot of African brands have quality products and services but these are not documented to increase brand worth, consistency and for some franchise value.

4D Integration creates more structure in business activities whilst developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), in a manner that is easy to understand and follow at any level of employment. With this level of documentation a lot of our clients have been able to sell their companies as franchises across the region.

Our Process


Discovering the facts about the business, researching and calculating the information that is required to complete the job


Convert and interpret the information into a normal understandable grammar for all levels


Creating an understanding of the standards of operations through detailed information, graphics and processes.


The Operational Standards and requirements of the day-to-day business at hand. Documented in an easy, understandable, user-friendly manner. Creating the Companies documented Intellectual Property as a foundation for the business to operate from.

Our Clients

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